find next doesn't seem to work for certain queries

Hi -

I searched the user forum here and didn’t find an answer and I emailed support a few days ago and didn’t receive a response, so here goes…

Enjoying DT Pro Office so far and finding it to be useful. One problem though:

I am experiencing an issue where certain search queries that I define (ones that I would call “compound” in that they use quotes or boolean logic or proximity keywords like NEAR, e.g., “some phrase”), while they do yield the results I hope for and hightlight them in the results, subsequently do not allow the ‘find next’, command-G, functionality to work properly - the computer just beeps instead.

Is this a known bug or is there a way to overcome it?

The find next feature is an important one in my requirements since a particular search often returns many results within a document and thus I want to move quickly to each instance inside the document. Please advise.


Se Go > Hightlight > Previous/Next, in the DT menubar.

There are keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks for the response Bill. That works beautifully. Sorry I missed that. I love how it animates the highlight. Overall I am just really impressed with this software. Again, thanks.