Find related tags

How can I find tags that are assigned to documents that have some other tag?

Welcome @a.z

You question isn’t entriely clear.

If you have a tagged document selected, you can click the down arrow on a Tag in the Tags bar or Tools > Show Info, you will see some related Tags.


This shows a News tag that is related but has already been applied to this file. It also shows a interesting tag that is related, ie. it has been found on another document with dinosaur article, but hasn’t been applied to this file.

Nope, I want to know which tags are assigned to documents found by some search query(for example search by tags too)

For example there are four docs 1-4 with four tags A,B,C and D:
1: A
2: A and B
3: B and C
4: C and D
Now if I search by tag A result will be B, cos docs that have tag A (1,2) also have tag B and if search by C result B and D.

Can DT do that type of filtering/searches ?

If you searched for A, you’d get docs 1 and 2.
B would show docs 2 and 3.
C would show docs 3 and 4.

Yes, your right in case I search docs, but I’m interesting to find tags.