Find select database without view of all folders


I have multiple databases, each containing many folders. When doing a Find operation and wanting to switch to another database, I have to scroll down along the many folders of the database before reaching the following database. I would like to have a collapsed and not an expanded view of the folders. Is there setting for this?

View > Expand All / Collapse All
If you’re trying to quickly locate an item found in a search, press Command-R to reveal it.

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My understanding of the request is that @Loth wants to switch databases in the search window sidebar using the ‘Search in: Databases’ dropdown selector. If that’s the case, Expand/Collapse All is not an available option. I know this as I have wanted to do the same thing for years now!

What I do is type cmd-`(tilde) to switch to the database window, select the desired database from Open Databases in the sidebar, then switch back to the search window, and the selected database will be the first database in the ‘Search in: Databases’ dropdown selector. Or if I know in advance which database I want to search on, I’ll select that database in the sidebar before bringing up the search window.

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Greg’s advise works the best.