Find/sort documents without tags?

Hi All

I have a large database in which I have tagged a lot of documents but not all. Is there a way to filter/sort/what-have-you so that I can see all of the documents without tags?


Search or create a smart group with a criterion of Item is not Tagged.

Thank you. However, I am afraid I do not understand. I put those terms in the search and a lot of documents appeared, some untagged but most with tags. Please explain further. Thanks again.

Post your search.

If by post you mean post a screen shot of the search term and the result then please see attached. There is a sample of the results; one is highlighted and there is a tag. Thanks

Item is not Tagged is not a search term, it’s a condition of the advanced search interface. The search term would be item:!tagged.

…as described with other keywords and operators in the manual. Which is accessible through the „Help“ menu. Where typing „search“ in the text field leads directly to the relevant chapter.

thank you all. Much appreciated.