Find vs. Search

I’m hoping that someone can explain the difference between the commands “Edit > Find > In Database…” and “Tools > Search…” (I was unaware of the latter command until I saw it mentioned in another forum topic).

I’ve noticed that searches conducted via “Edit > Find > In Database…” are case-sensitive, with no apparent means of making them non-case-sensitive, whereas the “Tools > Search…” dialog allows one to choose between Exact, Ignore Case, or Fuzzy options.

Having found the “Tools > Search…” command, I’m more inclined to use it – but I’m wondering whether “Edit > Find > In Database…” offers any particular advantages.

Edit > Find > in Database, when selected, will prompt you to enter the search string in your toolbar search field. Are there options available such as case/no case? Yes.

Look at the magnifying glass symbol, and you will see a small black triangle just to the right. Click on it to examine the available search options.

But I generally use the Tools > Search window for searches, as this mode makes it somewhat easier to control the search options, and there are additional features such as the Spelling and Context buttons that I often find useful.


Thanks for your prompt reply. I shouldn’t have missed the small black triangle that provides access to a contextual menu – the toolbars in Adobe and Macromedia applications use a similar convention.

I’ll probably wind up using both search options – I do like the fact that “Edit > Find > In Database…” allows me to remain within the three-pane view.