Finder and DT

I use a program called Path Finder that takes the place of the Finder which is closed (Quit). It seems that whenever I use the option to “print to Devonthink” in an app, that action opens the Finder. Is there a way around this? Why does the Finder have to be open to print to DT?


If you open the “Save to Devonthink” script in Script Editor (you will need to have Apple’s Developer Tools installed) you will see various occurrences of “Finder” being called to perform tasks.

Click on
Script Editor: Window > Library
drag the Pathfinder icon onto the Library window
double click the Pathfinder icon which is added.

Look over the syntax of the AppleScript commands which are described in the new window to see if Pathfinder can be scripted to perform the same actions, and make any appropriate changes to the script.

Thanks a lot for the input.

There are two scripts. On the in the app folder and one in /library/PDFServices. I opened the scripts and saw the instances of the Finder. Since I know very little about scripting opening Path Finder just confuses me since I don’t know what to look for in the syntax.

I just changed the instances to be “Path Finder” in the scripts. Changing the one in the app folder did nothing but changing the one in /library gve me a command error when trying to save a file.

If I knew what I was doing, this just might work.

The script in the app folder is from the dmg you downloaded. The one in the PDF Services directory is a copy of it placed in the folder where the OS expects to find it.

it sounds like Path Finder lacks some of the scriptability of the Finder.

in some cases you can tell “System Events” instead of “Finder”.