Finder can't find OCR text in PDFs

This almost certainly isn’t an issue with DT3 at all—but I’d love anyone’s wisdom, since the OCRed text in PDFs created by DT3 isn’t searchable in Finder.

I can search for text within the same PDFs in DT3 fine, so is this just a shortcoming of Finder? I’ve also tried EasyFind, which had the same problem finding text within PDFs.

I should note that Preview is able to search and find text within the PDFs. And the box for PDFs in Spotlight Preferences is checked.



EasyFind supports only text-based file formats. Does rebuilding the Spotlight index fix this? Or is this an indexed file instead of an imported one?

Thanks so much for the super fast response!

It’s an imported scan that was OCRed by DT3.

I’ll try rebuilding the Spotlight index and report back!