finder comments bug?

I can’t get Finder comments to import, with or without the respective checkbox checked in the preferences.

Otherwise, I can echo other users that things are looking pretty cool.


Do you use the Finder or maybe PathFinder? Because importing Finder comments requires the Finder.

Only the Finder. I can’t think what might be wrong. In any case, it’s not a big issue.

Did you create the comments in OS X? Because importing Finder comments does not support Classic comments.

This too is not the problem (I haven’t used Classic for years!). Thanks for your concern. If no one else has this issue, it must have something to do with my own system configuration (though what this could be I have no idea, since mine is a totally generic setup without hacks, etc.)…

Maybe this is a specific bug, e.g. are file and/or folder comments missing after importing them?

Yes, both folder and file comments from the Finder simply don’t show up in DEVONthink in the comments field of the info palette. I am looking in the right place, aren’t I?

A minor and inexplicable discovery in relation to Finder comments importing (and lack thereof): enabling FileVault seems (at least on my system) to disable DEVONthink’s ability to import Finder comments. When I disabled FileVault and tried reimporting some documents, the Finder comments appeared as advertised. Re-enabling FileVault correspondingly prevented DEVONthink from recognising them again.

This sounds like bug of FileVault as the comments should be accessible in both cases.