Finder comments / DT Comments

I appreciate the ability to have finder comments importable and exportable in DT (though I noticed that dragged n’ dropped files to the finder doesn’t keep the finder comments, just an export from the file menu).

What I’m wondering is if the developer’s can implement some sort of ability to retain the URL and perhaps even the aliases from DT. Perhaps the URL can be put in the first line of the finder comments.

Likewise, it would be great if a URL could be stored in the finder comments of a file and it be recognized and placed in the URL field when imported to DT.

Thank you for the idea! We may evaluate whether this could be done even better using Spotlight metadata.


fyi, this would, possibly, create greater collaboration with endnote, Sente, Bookends. What those developers could do is add the local URL to the attached files metadate (URL) and perhaps the abstract (etc) which could then be imported to DT, keeping the data added by the bib. manager.