Finder Error when printing pdf to DTP

That can have a side effect of temporarily breaking Spotlight searches that rely on metadata cached there until it’s eventually recreated.

Oops… my fault - I always forget that some people actually use Spotlight :wink:

I was going to empty out those folders today and see if that fixed my problem. Won’t “Spotlight” just reindex itself? Nothing is really lost is it?

It should. Caches shouldn’t contain any important data.

I cleaned out the cache folders and it did not solve the problem. It did create another one in that many of my PDF files now by default open in Safari… pdf icon gone… safari icon replaced… other docs lost their identity too. Any solutions to solve this at one time or will I have to change one file at a time?

Open the info panel for one PDF in the Finder and check what’s the default application for PDF documents. You can change the default application for all documents via this panel too if necessary.