Finder integration for groups/databases


I am aware that DEVONthink can add an ‘Inbox’ folder to the sidebar in Finder for saving files from applications directly into DEVONthink, and that the user can add any group to the Sorter, but I am wondering if there is a way of having groups/databases added to the sidebar in Finder as well as the Inbox.

I often want to save directly from an application to a database/group in DEVONthink, and would rather not drop everything in the Inbox for later sorting or save to the desktop and then drag to the sorter, hence my asking.



Only the global inbox is directly supported, in all other cases you could either use the Sorter, drag & drop to DEVONthink’s Dock icon (in case the group selector is enabled, see Preferences > Import) or use customized folder actions, see for example viewtopic.php?f=20&t=10877

Also, when DT is running, the panel opened/closed with Tools > Show Groups & Tags (Control-Command-G) can be used as a drop target for saving to specific groups.

Thanks for these responses. For my purposes I am trying to avoid drag and dropping, and focus instead on how I can save to DEVONthink from the save window in Applications.

I am presuming that this means if I want to save anywhere else other than the Global Inbox this means setting up folder actions. I have adapted the folder action in the thread you pointed me to (that brings up a window to select which group in DEVONthink to save the file to) so that it deletes the file after it is imported into DEVONthink, so this is one way to go.

Would it also be possible though to alter the DEVONthink - Import & Delete script so that I could have folder action scripts for different groups in DEVONthink, i.e. a script for each folder that corresponds to the group I want the file to be imported to?

Yes, if you make a folder action using DT actions in Automator. Use the “Set Current Group” action to set the import group to the one you want to target, and the “Add Items to Current Group” action to do the import.