Finder Integration Tips


I was hoping that you could break down, or explain a little more what is happening under the hood with the tighter finder integration.

I have 2 Folders I’d been indexing to DT3 pretty much without incident, until somewhat recently. Eventually, these folders and their contents grew too large for me to keep on my Desktop without it impacting my performance, as a result I moved these folders to my Documents folder and syncronized them again since moving them broke the old indexing.

I forget how I went about it exactly, but I tried (and probably failed) being as careful as possible in doing so, reindexing the new folder in the new location once it had been moved.

I didn’t notice any major problems, at least initially, which probably led to me letting my guard down about my database being wonky, but now I’ve been experiencing duplicates up the wahzoo, and whatever it is that I’m trying to do to fix the problem, namely deleting the duplicates, clearly hasn’t been working

Some files are even duplicated more than once, as in triplicate, or more in some instances. Clearly I don’t understand enough about the new tighter integration because I’m stumped about how best to move forward without making things worse, or confusing myself further.

The upcoming version 3.0.1 will fix a rare issue of the Finder integration that could cause duplicates. If you’re interested in an internal beta then just send me an email. However, this won’t fix already existing duplicates.

Yes I would love that! With beta it should be relatively straightforward to remove them myself though correct?

As it’s a beta I would definitely recommend a good backup strategy. Just send an email to cgrunenberg - at -

Ok, I’m pretty sure I’ve got a current backup, any idea how far away ait is from being an official release, just for curiosity’s sake?

Unfortunately not this month anymore but definitely next month.

No worries! As always, I appreciate all that you guys do to put out such a high quality product. It truly is unmatched IMHO.

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Thanks :slight_smile: