Finder sidebar alias to global Inbox could use a redesign

This is a minor thing, but it bugs me. I would like the Finder sidebar alias to the global Inbox to be more distinctive, something that more clearly identifies it as DEVONthink, rather than one of the other handful of inboxes into which I shuffle things on a daily basis. In Mavericks (and this may have been true for a long time; I just upgraded from Snow Leopard), the Inbox icon in the sidebar is no longer a custom icon, just a generic Finder folder icon. It’s just some regular old folder called Inbox. I want a visual cue that it’s my DTPO database I’m dropping something into. I’ve got a work-around in place, but just thought I’d throw in my 2¢ here… That is all.

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately both the Finder’s sidebar and the sidebar of Save panels don’t use custom folder icons any longer. But at least the popup menu of Save panels does still use them.

Just curious – but how does Dropbox manage to get Finder to use its custom icon?

I asked myself the same. It’s partly what prompted my comment. Do you have to have special friends in Cupertino or something to have a custom sidebar icon?

Dropbox patches the Finder (at least the sidebar and the toolbar). See FinderLoadBundle.tgz inside the application package.