Finder tags and DTP tags or How to include tags on import

Background: I have a bunch of Markdown files with various tags attach to each (the tags are at the moment listed inside the markdown text). I easily can convert these tags to Finder tags.

Now my question is: On import into DTP on macOS, how are Finder tags converted into DTP tags?

Is this a technical question - about the mechanism, or just asking if they are converted to DT Tags? (They are.)

Just wanted to check whether all finder tags are converted into DEVONthink tags.

In my experience with indexed and imported files any Finder tag that is applied is converted to a DEVONthink tag. For example, if I have a folder in Finder that is indexed by DTPO, and I save a markdown document in there using an external application (e.g., something other than DEVONthink itself) tagged with the Finder tag !Active/ToDo, when DEVONthink updates it’s index of that folder and detects that new file, that file will also be tagged with !Active/Todo in DEVONthink.

If I create a new markdown file with a brand new tag that did not preexist in Finder or DEVONthink, then that tag will be created in DEVONthink once DEVONthink detects the file in the indexed folder.

Same rules apply to imported files.

I’m not sure what the “All” part of your question refers to… but yes, as BLUEFROG notes, all Finder tags are converted to DEVONthink tags.

Thanks cottlougheed. :slight_smile:

The “all” part referred to the question whether tags with special characters (like spaces and hyphens) are converted property- should have made that clearer.

I’m getting more convinced that pre-tagging files in Finder before I want to import them into DTP is a viable option.[*]

[*] The whole exercise is for a bunch of Markdown files (from TrunkNotes) which have their Tags inside the Markdown text as Header Metadata like

Tags: Tag-1, Tag-2, Another-tag

So now I’m thinking of writing a little script which converts/copies these in-text tags to Finder tags and then importing the converted files into DTP.