finding a reference to a book

Oh almighty search-wizards…

I am looking for a book I have read in the past (so I know it exists) but cannot recall its’ name. So far my endeavors with DevonAgent have not gotten me any results.

Here is what i am looking for: Science Fiction; military science fiction about the fight against an alien invasion of earth. The special thing is that these particular aliens are not able to „see“ ballistic attacks, so the earthlings fight back with gigantic armored atomic cannons, at times even using the atomic shells to create pathways through the US american mountains for these tanks. I came across this book from an online mention in the context of great military science fiction, but cannot find it again. (This is not about the merits of that particular book.)

I searched for (strings):
“atomic cannon“ NEAR ballist* and “science fiction” AND “alien invasion“

best “military science fiction”

cannon “military science fiction”

“science fiction” “alien invasion” atomic

What are your suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

I have no idea what the correct answer to the puzzler is, but eliminating the NEAR ballist* predicate gets hits over here. Your search terms assume that there is a case where “atomic cannon” is NEAR “ballast*” – perhaps that’s not correct?

It looks like I get even better results (i.e., hits that actually are related to military science fiction) if I search using the phrase in your posting

military science fiction about the fight against an alien invasion of earth

Too bad there’s not more about the quest,
this thread was going to be instructive, I thought.

Take cover!