Finding all replicants of document

Is there a command which can reveal where all the replicants of a given item are located? Both classify and search seem to only show the location of one replicant, and I would find it helpful to know all locations, both to keep things organised and so I am reminded of connections between areas that I’ve previously made.

From Christian’s post:

There’s no display for the locations of all replicants right now but this will come.

Follow the link to the full post for a workaround.

Great, thanks for the pointer.

The next beta will include this.

With version 2. If you make a replicant to another group (searchable PDF) and then search the replicants in DT, shouldn’t DT find both? For some reason, it’s only finding one.

Do you mean that the document does not show that it has been replicated, or that the document only appears once in a search list? Unlike duplicates, replicants will only appear once in a search list as there is still only one instance of the document in the database. You can still see all occurrences of the replicant (the Info pane is one way to find this), but they will not appear as multiple entries in a search list.

I mean the latter, my replicants are only showing up once in the search list. Thanks, that makes sense. So they only show up once in a search, got it. I see it in the info pane. Great