Finding indexed items

Quick question: is there a way to quickly finding all indexed items in a database?

Search for “Item is indexed” in the advanced settings. Or “item:indexed” in the search box.

Thanks, @korm! I erroneously was waiting for some tick-box somewhere.

I have a smart rule that I use for that. I’m not sure it’s any easier but offer it for what it’s worth!


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Ha! I have always spread the replicates of items all around the database and ur suggestion is a nice way to identify which items/groups are index items (I probably will use a custom meta data field) without needing to find the “tiny” icon on a 4k monitor! I
Thanks for the idea.

That’s what I am saying, the tiny icon is very tough for my eyes. A flag is too prominent for me, a label means I can’t use other labels… so a Boolean meta data field at a small column at the side of list view sounds good to me. I am just picky …:scream: