Finding lost files in Devonthink folder

Hi all,

I’ve had a few problems with DT personal starting to launch really slowly. I’ve solved them by rebuilding and optimizing the database.

It seems to me that the last time I did this that some files were lost out of the database. The folders are in the correct hierarchy and most files are there, but some are missing. I’ve found one or two because I knew what their name was but that’s not going to work to find them all.

So, is there anyway I can have DevonThink compare what’s in the the Library/Application Support/DevonThink/Files folder with what’s in the database and import the missing items?

Somehow I have to locate what’s in there that’s not in DevonThink so I can put the files back where they belong.

If you’re using DEVONthink 2, then the command Tools > Verify & Repair will find all orphaned files and add them to the database again.