Finding notes related to a group

I’ve recently migrated from Evernote, where I had all my notes in a single notebook. So now I have an inbox of about 5000 items in DT.

When sorting the inbox I like to create a group for a particular topic and then start to add documents manually. After adding the first few documents I start adding more using “See also” which works wonderfully. At least until I have about 10 notes added to the group, since then most of the See Also documents will already be in the group.

So I wonder; is there a way to use See Also to find documents related to a particular group, and exclude documents already in that group? Sort of reverse classify option that pulls notes into a group? That would make it super easy to quickly create groups of related notes.

If there isn’t a straight forward way of doing this in DT does anyone have any other neat ideas for achieving something similar, using scripts or otherwise?

I actually just came up with a bit of a hack for this:

  1. Select all notes in the group
  2. Select Exclude from See also (in the Info panel)
  3. Merge all the notes into a single note
  4. Select the merged note and look for related documents in See Also

Not quite easy or fast, but it kind of gets the job done.

I’d still love to hear if someone has better ideas for how to do something similar.

The only idea would be to use a script to simplify this but in the end it would use similar steps.

Thanks for your response. Funnily enough using See Also with the merged note actually didn’t produce as good results as using See Also for the notes individually. I guess perhaps the AI gets confused if the word distribution is too flat or something.

Anyway, temporarily excluding the notes from See Also and then working through See Also for the notes individually helped a lot. I can live with that for now.