Finding out local sync store location when unmounted


how do i find out the (expected) sync store location (file system path) of an unmounted local sync store?

I have the problem that my sync store location is greyed out (unmounted), and I don’t remember where on my drives (several networked) the expected, actual store lies. I cannot do a “Reveal in Finder” on the store because it is… unmounted.

How do I learn where DT expects that sync store to be?

Furthermore, is there a way to re-point DT to a different location of the sync store if e.g. I have to move it from a volume running out of space to a bigger one?

Thanks, Christian

Hi Christian,

if the SyncStore does not exist anymore on a hard drive but still shows in DevonThink you could do the following:

Sync a small database with this SyncStore. After this you can reveal it in Finder.

If you use the SyncStore in a network environment ie. with IP, the info button should show you the locations.

If you do not need this SyncStore anymore, you can just delete it and create a new one and let the database sync to the new SyncStore at the new destination.

Hope that helps.

My issue is that the location is unmounted file system-wise (the Sync Store itself still resides in its expected location). What I’d want to know (from DT) is the volume name (and path) where DT expects the sync store to be so that I can mount the respective volume. I don’t see a way to get at that vital info currently in DT.

Your solution works if the location was still mounted, and just the store itself (i.e. the data) was missing. This is however a different situation than I am asking about.


There’s unfortunately no response to this question since 2019, but I have a similar one: am I responsible for taking steps (programmatically) to mount an unmounted volume containing a needed sync store (on both “client” machines, if there are two), or is there a provision to have DT do this automatically?

To the best of my knowledge, DT will not mount a sync store of its own accord. Why would you choose to unmount the sync store? (This question comes from somebody who always has DT open, so maybe that is the answer: you only open DT occasionally?)

What would be the point of sync via a networked store if there weren’t two or more devices?


Better be prepared if suddenly a secund maybe appears out of nowhere?

Thanks–that answered my question.

It is possible to trigger smart rules on starting and closing DT, so if you don’t want to simply automatically mount the device on booting your Mac, you could automatically trigger an appropriate script from within DT, mounting the device when starting DT and unmounting it when closing DT.

As far as doing that is concerned, you may find this thread in the Apple Community helpful.