Finding PDF's that have not been OCR'd

I’ve found a few files in my database with non-OCR’d (and therefore non-searchable) PDF’s, mostly things that were emailed to me and I did not check at the time. I’d like to find all these, and OCR them now.

I found this nice (old) Tuesday tip: … ocr-layer/

But the script it references is not found (404): …

Does anyone have a copy of this script, or something similar?

I thought I could just use search or advanced search, but while I can do a search on Document Kind, the available choices cannot differentiate “PDF” vs “PDF + Text”.

Can any of you gurus help me out here? Thanks a lot in advance!


Make a Smart Group with criteria:
Kind is PDF/PS
Word Count is 0



See menu Data > New with Template > Smart Groups > PDFs (not searchable)

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Thanks a lot Jim, Christian! So much depth in DevonThink, I love it.

(I’d started thinking of checking the output of pdftotext for each file, and scripting a walk thru the entire database. So much easier this way! Now I have the smart group, so it’s trivial to see if/when new files show up without text layer)

Now that I see the correct phrase to Google for, I find this nice post from Evan K. on the complete process: … think-ocr/

No problem - and yeah, DEVONthink has a lot of things to discover! :smiley:

(PS:Evan has some really practical info concerning DEVONthink on his blog. A good find! :smiley: )