Finding replicates

Is there a way to locate replicates of a selected documents? The info box tells me how many there are, and DT offers me to delete them all, but how can I locate them, other by doing a search for suitable keywords?

I’ve been reading this forum for a while, and I’ll bet this is the oldest and most common feature request. :unamused:

It’s certainly one of them! :slight_smile:

DEVONthink 1.9 allows you to jump from one replicant to the next using “Go > Previous/Next Instance”. It doesn’t give you a list of all replicants, but let’s you visit them one after the other.



Good enough for me - and it works. Thanks!

Yep, “Next/Previous Instance” work okay but I’d still like the ability to explicitly search for replicates.

Any recommendations how to find duplicates? I tried searching on the URL (which was a date/time string, for some reason) and that didn’t even find the “original” item. That got me thinking it would be handy to negate the scope of a search, i.e. search everything except this group (or these groups), even if that wouldn’t have located this particular item.

Ahh, I’ll try using History to find some stubbornly hidden duplicates… as soon as DT unfreezes or I give up waiting and Force Quit it.
[edit: couldn’t find unwanted dups in History, but made a few other interesting discoveries there :slight_smile:]

Hmm, when you encounter a document that’s marked as a duplicate, why don’t you simply copy the name of the document, paste it into the search field and search for name?



I use ‘classify’ to find duplicates and replicates. What I wish is to find items by Kind (RTF, TXT, folder, etc.)

The possibility to search for attributes like kind, label etc. will be added to v2.0