Fine-Tuning & Exporting Searches

Hey All,

As a newbie working on using DA to create an RSS feed for a blog…I’ve got a few questions, some of which may have a straight y/n answer, others with (hopefully) more-detailed solutions. Please excuse if I missed previously-documented guidance on any of these…

  1. The existing ‘Convert Results to RSS Feed’ script exports the results as they appear in the Digest tab (“theResult”, in scriptese)…is there any way to export them in the ranked order of the Pages tab?

  2. Is there any way for DA to ‘throw out’ those results that achieve below, say, a 25% ranking? Or, alternately, to only include the top 10 results? For my purposes, this could either be as the search is being conducted, or upon export, if #1 is possible.

  3. Is it possible to limit search results to only those links where a search term appears x number of times?

  4. What’s the most effective way to exclude certain domains from the results? I have tried “NOT (” in the Secondary Query with mixed results…

  5. I’d love to be able to produce English-language search results from a ‘Google translation’ of a foreign-language website (e.g. … n&ie=UTF-8) but can’t make it happen, as DA drills down into the actual site, not the on-the-fly translation of it. I assume it’s not possible…but any ideas?

Lots of stuff in 1 topic…apologies…but thanks in advance!

None of this is possible.

Add the domains to the preferences or use Data > Delete & Exclude Domain for found results.

'Fraid of that - bummers. 'Guess I’ll just have to work on fine-tuning the search parameters…

OK - Thanks.