Firefox 0.8 and print to DT
take a look at this discussion. its about firefox and DT. i have used camino for internet research using 10.2.8. since 10.3.x camino cannot render a wide scope of webpages properly anymore (a quickdraw/quartz problem that will not be fixed in the near future - we had long discussions about this on the camino-board). so, since camino has become useless for me, i tried all the other browsers out there and must say, i like firefox most at the moment. but firefox does not support "services" (although also carbon apps are able to do this - at least this is what the apple website says and bbedit does this as a case in fact).
as a work around, i have the script installed that lets me "print to devon think", but when i use this feature with firefox, i cannot change the default name of the document to be "printed" to DT; its always "printjob.pdf". i can highlight this, but cannot delete/change "printjob.pdf" as in other apps.
any solution?

the other browser contenders:
ah, safari. of course, sometimes i use this browser too, but safari still has quite a number of problems with certain websites (although services work fine); so i’m reluctant to use this browser. omniweb crashes at startup with my preferred start page; iCab is in its 1000th year of beta (they are just implementing CSS and will add services support afterwards - they e-mailed me; otherwise a nice browser…), the new osx-opera is amazing, but the interface is confusing and too “noisy” for me; although they have a discussion going on about implementing osx services…