Firefox & Adding Pages

I attempted to use Christian’s Script that transfers a Safari page into DT for Firefox by changing the name of the application referenced in the Script. This approach appears to work for Shriia but when used with Firefox, Pulpfiction or Omniweb produces the error “no document is open” from the script.

Does anyone know the reason for the different responses and what is necessary to work around the problem so that pages can be copied into DT effectively?


Richard Bullen

Most applications have different script terminologies and therefore changing the name doesn’t work. In addition, Firefox isn’t scriptable at all (at least the last time I checked this).

Based on my limited research there does appear to be some rudimentary capability for AS in Firefox as in the following example, which I have not verified.


Richard Bullen


that’s just the standard AppleScript/AppleEvent support necessary to open a URL from other applications, every browser (and similar applications supporting certain URL schemes like http, ftp etc.) requires this.