Firefox and importing


I use FireFox to save webpages on my hard disk with the ‘complete webpage’ option in the save dialog. I get a html file and a folder with images,… (ending with _files). When I import my folder with all the saved webpages in DevonThink, then all the _files folders are imported too. I don’t want these folders in my Devonthink database, but if I delete these folders, I get them back when I resynchronize the database. Is there a solution that these folders don’t get reimported? Or do I have to use another approach for importing these html-documents?



Those “folders” are part of the “complete webpage” save by FireFox. If you want to store the Web pages in your database and be able to see the complete pages when offline, they must be in your database.

I’ve never liked Firefox because it isn’t a Cocoa application, and so is a “weak sister” in ability to integrate with OS X Services and other Cocoa features shared by DEVONthink Pro. And Firefox isn’t scriptable.

So yes, I would suggest another approach.

Take a look at the WebArchive files for saving complete Web pages from Safari, DEVONagent or the DT Pro browser.

And while you are at it, take a look at the much richer set of options for capturing rich text, HTML source or WebArchive, especially the contextual menu options. And the scripts available for Safari.

I know Firefox and DevonThink aren’t great together and you can’t do much about it. But I have many webpages saved that way. I can use Safari when I want to save new content, but not the old content on my hard disk. Do I have to open all these files in safari and import them in Devonthink?



Actually, your imported web site folders (created by Firefox) work as far as adding the searchable text to your database. They are a bit confusing, as they come into the database as nested folders rather than documents. If you can live with that, at least you have the text for searching and analysis.