Firefox .mht webarchive - saving complete web pages as one

I sometimes like to save complete web pages while using Firefox. Since Firefox does not support the .webarchive file format as does Safari, I installed the extension “Save complete” in order to not have the .html file AND the folder with the parts, but one single file - like in Safari.

When I use the extension, it produces a single file with the suffix .mht. It can be opened by Firefox and display the full page. When importing it into DevonThink Pro (version 1.54 on Tiger, iBook, G3, PPC) – it won’t import.

Is there a trick or an extension that I don’t know of? Or would my case be considered a feature request – support for .mht files?

I know that I can go via Print menu creating a PDF, but I like the interactivity of a true web page.


As soon as the Firefox team is going to add both a QuickLook and a Spotlight plugin for .mht files, DEVONthink will automatically be able to index, search & display such files.

In the meantime I’d suggest to use bookmarklets to add web archives to DEVONthink from Firefox.

I forgot about the bookmarklets - thank you.

When saving as PDF Devon presents a navigation window so that the user can save the PDF in the folder of choice :slight_smile:

However with the bookmarklets, the target is always the root of the database :frowning:

Tiger, Devon 1.54

The reason for this is that saving as a PDF uses AppleScript whereas the bookmarklets directly send data to DEVONthink. Version 2.0 can show a group selector but v1.5 does not have this we’re afraid.