Firefox Web Clipper Automation Permissions

At about the same time Firefox started asking for permission to open DT3, my clipper also stopped working. It only downloads the link vs the pdf. I found a prior entry in bug requests which said to check automation permissions in system preferences and DT3 does not have Firefox listed. In that post someone asked how to get DT3 to ask for the permission and the answer was this: “Start new sorter, open it, click the rightmost tab where you can now get clips from browsers, click on the FIrefox symbol. Now you will be asked for permission to use Firefox and Firefox appears under Devonthink 3 in System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy Tab”. I have no idea what that means. I don’t see anything helpful on my sorter and I don’t know what they mean by open a new sorter. Is this a setting i need to correct? I have been using print to pdf - save PDF to DT3 as a workaround but would like to get the extension working correctly again. Thanks!

Reboot the machine and try capturing a web page again.