Firefox 5.0 has some important security fixes but unfortunately kills out "cliptoDevonthink 1.2.1… Any suggestions?

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Firefox 4 had a very short life, because it turned out to have serious security problems.

There will likely be a revised version of Clip to DEVONthink for Firefox 5 in an upcoming maintenance update of DEVONthink.

Comment: I don’t use Firefox when my purpose is to capture data to DEVONthink, as Firefox 5 remains incompatible with my favorite OS X Services to capture as rich text or WebArchive only a selected portion of a displayed HTML page, in order to eliminate extraneous content on a page that can reduce the focus of searches, Classify and See Also.

Those Services do, however, work in Safari, DEVONagent and DEVONthink’s own browser. To capture the text, images and links in a selected portion of a Web page, the keyboard shortcut ‘Command-)’ results in capture as rich text and the keyboard shortcut ‘Command-%’ results in capture as WebArchive.

Thank you, Bill. Is there a way to independently launch the DTP browser without first having to invoke a particular URL? In other words, the browser opens automatically on a bookmark, but is there a way to invoke it without first clicking a bookmark? (Of course, I should know this by now…)