Firewall Problems

Whenever I start DevonThinkPro 2.0.5 on my Mac (10.6.4), the dialogue “Do you allow network connections for DevonThink?” pops up. To acknowledge the dialogue does not change anything. Next time I start the app, the dialogue pops up immediately. I checked the entry in the firewall pane in the system preferences, DevonThink has the permission to use the network connection. So what is the problem?

Do you have third-party software such as Little Snitch installed?

I can provide a little insight into what is happening, but you’ll need to dig a little deeper to discover what is causing this on your system. I’ve experienced the same issue for several months now while beta testing DEVONthink To Go with DEVONthink running on Leopard 10.5.8. We have been using a Sync Agent bundle installed in DEVONthink’s Application Support folder to enable syncing between the desktop and DEVONthink To Go. Leopard users will see the network connection notice on every launch, even when ‘Allow Incoming Connections’ as been set in the firewall, because of a) a bug in Leopard’s firewall and b) the DEVONthink app is not signed. The fact that DEVONthink is not signed does not create the issue on Snow Leopard because the firewall bug was addressed.

With the release of 2.0.5, the Sync Agent bundle has been included in the application package, which is why DEVONthink is triggering this now when you did not see it before with earlier releases of DEVONthink. Why you are seeing it on Snow Leopard is, I suspect, due to a third-party app such as Little Snitch as Bill suggested. If you have no plans of running DEVONthink To Go, you can easily resolve the issue by removing the plugin from the application-it is located in the package at: ‘Contents/PlugIns/Sync Agent.bundle’. Just be sure to quit the app before removing the plugin and note that the plugin will be reinstalled with every update of the DEVONthink application. If you are planning on using DEVONthink To Go (and I recommend it highly if you have an iOS device), you’ll need to explore further to see what third-party interaction is causing this on your system. Or get used to accepting the network connection message-I have.

Neither “LittleSnitch” nor something similar is installed. I trashed the “Sync Agent” to get rid of this annoying bug. I am not going to buy the “To Go”-app anyway, since it is just too pricey. There are other ways to get my documents onto my iOS-Device. Thanks for the advice.