First Impressions


Very nice that it’s finally here. Some suggestions:

syncing - how about just syncing? Options of with which computer and which database could be in settings somewhere. After it’s setup, I just want press one button and sync.

password protection - can the user name be remembrered and focus placed in the password field?

the info arrow next to each itemed list seems redundant. It’s available through the info button and the space could be better used for an alphabet scroller for long lists.

options - in many places, the text for some settings is cut off. Like for the list type (name, type, date, size), the options below in French are listed as both ‘N’afficher que les éléme…’ Or in the info for an item, Metadata: ‘Marqué…’

deleting items - in other apps, swiping an item in a list shows a delete button.

iOS4 support - re-opening the app doesn’t seem to go back to the last view

bottom toolbar - once so far the buttom toolbar disappeared so I couldn’t sync without restarting the app. i’ll see if I can reproduce it.

other than that, so far so good. :slight_smile: It’s great having everything with me.

Everything works fine. Can’t see any flaws. Except, of course, the inability to edit a RTF file. One hesitates to be ungenerous at the very moment of DEVONthink’s triumph - and it is a triumph - but this needs to be addressed very soon.

Also just noted that while a colour label assigned on my iPad showed up fine on my newly synced iMac database, it didn’t show up when I opened the synced database on my iPhone 4.

Update: it occurs to me that for basic text docs in my database I should stop using RTF and use Plain Text, which will allow editing in DT To Go.

Been testing lots of different changes to databases for an hour now, and have found only the label inconsistency. Very very happy :smiley:

Unfortunately the lack RTF capabilities is on Apple’s side, not DevonThink. Let’s just hope Apple will implement RTF support in 4.3 or whatever.

I agree with guyen about his points. And for now I’ll continue playing with this app. :slight_smile:

I can’t select a label for any documents at all! There doesn’t seem to be a method for adding new labels either.

Maybe it’s because I only have docs created on the iPad at present (I downloaded the app to my iPad as soon as I got in the office this morning and don’t have access to my DTPO2 databases which are on my MBP at home).

Also… the search function doesn’t seem to be finding documents based on “name & content” search with a search parameter that I know exists in more than one of my documents!

The labels are synced from the Mac version of DEVONthink. They will have the same name, and color, as what you have assigned on your Mac.

For performance reasons, the index size for searching is limited. You can try bumping it up to search a maximum of the first 20k of the document in the DEVONthink To Go preferences (from the Settings app) to see if that locates the search criteria.

“Cancel” on the first sync popup (the one listing all the computers on the local wireless network) doesn’t cancel anything. Have to select a computer then cancel from that next pop up.

Why have two sequential popups for syncing, anyway. I’m always hitting the “reset” button on the first popup because that’s where my finger just expects to see “sync” 8)

@gyuen suggested putting the sync settings somewhere else – ++1 for that suggestion.

The use of UUIDs to identify docs that are opened in other apps (GoodReader, iAnnotate, etc.) is jarring at first. (Maybe explain that in the FAQ or a popup the first time “open in” is used?) I realize this is the way to identify docs to roundtrip them back to DTTG for syncing. But is it really necessary? (Other iPad apps don’t do this, why DTTG?) I often need to annotate different versions of a document that have versioning in the file name, so I can see the differing names in DTTG but it’s hard to track the UUIDs.

Why can’t we see annotations on PDFs inside DTTG?

Why isn’t there a full-page view of a document? Answer: there is. Rotate the iPad to portrait to see a full-page view

Why are images synced to DTTG down-resed. Hi-res images synced with iTunes are beautiful. Images synced with DTTG are fugly.

I’ve not tried syncing images yet, but I did notice in the settings that there is a slider to set the image quality, from rough to fine. I think it’s set about 75%.
Check out the DTTG settings from your iPad’d Settings app (listed down the left under Applications).

Thanks, Colin. 100% in that setting doesn’t improve the quality much.

As ever with Devon Think I am going to have to explore a bit and think about how I use this. That’s not a criticism but a recognition of how powerful DT is.

Do far I think this is a pretty good effort. Being able to Synch current projects and unread clippings is a bit of a God send.

Oh, and this is the best RSS reader I have on my iphone!

The sync progress notice is somewhat off center on my iPhone 3GS when in landscape mode. The whole text is somewhat to the left.

This is a know bug and will be address in the next update.

This was planned but did not make it into the release.

Other apps don’t usually offer the ‘round trip’ and we need the UUID to uniquely identify the file sent back to DEVONthink To Go.

Because WebKit views don’t show them. We need to create our own PDF viewer to show annotations.

And will you create that view in a future release (soon)?

It is on our (long) to-do list for versions 1.x.