Fix file association

Hi there,

I store some Outlook emails in DT and when I open them they open in Mail. I have changed the association in Finder and when dragging emails to the desktop they now correctly open in Outlook. When I open the mail in DT it still opens in Mail? If I right click and select Open With - it shows the enclosed. My default email application is set to Outlook. When I Open With on an email on the Desktop I get the following (largest screenshot), so it looks like the association isn’t correct?

Any ideas? I’m running the latest version of Monterey.

Screenshot 2022-02-21 at 10.29.21

The default application for .eml files is not identical to the default email client. The default app for each file type can be changed via the Finder’s Info window.

Understood - I’ve changed the association, which seems to have taken effect on the Desktop although not showing, but not in DT?

Did you press the Change All button in the Get Info pane in the Finder when you changed the Open With application?

Are you running the latest public version of Monterey or the beta?

@bluefrog Thank you - must have missed the Change All button :slight_smile: All sorted…

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You’re welcome. Glad to be of service :slight_smile: