Fixed column widths

Is there any reason why some of the columns in Three Panes and List views are of fixed width while others are variable? For example, the Size, Label, Kind, and Words columns seem to be fixed in width in DTPO 2.7.5, whereas the width of the URL, Path, Location, Tags and the various date columns can all be changed by the user.

Because space is at a premium and items that won’t exceed certain values can be locked into a more specific size to provide more space for columns with variable space requirements. This is especially important when running an 11" or 13" screen.

OK thanks, but wouldn’t it provide even more space for variable column size columns if the fixed width columns could be made narrower than their fixed widths? Sometimes, you just want to seem more content in a variable width column, temporarily, without having to remove fixed width ones from the view by unpicking them.