Fixing (partially) duplicated database

I recently synced a very large database from DTPO 3 to DTTG 2. I apparently had set sync to duplicate conflicts instead of keeping the newest. When the sync finished, I saw in DTTG partial duplicates of every item: there were two versions of every time (version A and B both had the same title), but version A had the content and version B seemed to be title only, with no note content.

I would like to clean up my sync so that I only see the full version. I have 16,000 items pre-duplication, so manually selecting the partial duplicates and deleting is probably out of the question. I don’t know if I need to stop syncing the database, turn off keep duplicate conflicts, and re-add the database to sync afresh, or if there’s a different way I can handle this. The whole database is several hundred MB, so I’m hoping to avoid resyncing if possible because it took several hours the first time around.

As far as I can tell, the partial duplicates have not made their way back to the original database in DTPO. For some reason, the folder counts in DTTG also do not seem to be updated; I still see, e.g., a folder with 67 items listed as the count even though it has 67*2 entries within that folder.

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Why are you still running DEVONthink To Go 2?

I would make sure the Mac database is intact, delete the database in DEVONthink To Go 3, and import the database afresh.

Thanks for the quick reply. The database is still intact on the Mac side.

Can you confirm what exactly I need to do to delete the database in DTTG, without deleting the the Mac original?

(As to why I’m still on DTTG 2 rather than 3 - I literally only use it to look things up. There’s no advantage to me upgrading.)

There absolutely is.
DEVONthink To Go is 11 years old and as Roland Deschain said, ”The world has moved on…”

Even something as simple as sync is better and updated in version 2.
Also, there is a known crash when searching version 2 in iOS 14.5.1. Since 2.x is out of development, this will not be addressed.

Left-swipe the database on DEVONthink To Go’s Hone screen and tap the trash icon.

I successfully deleted the database from DTTG,but I am not able to re-add it.

From the main screen, I am clicking on Settings, then sync locations, then choosing my sync location, and I see a list of the databases I have available. This database shows up on the list with the toggle off, but it is slightly greyed out (beyond the other toggles that are off) and I cannot switch it on.

Are any other databases syncing with that location?

Yes. I have a couple of databases where the sync toggle is on, and I see several others where the toggle is off but I can turn it on. This is the only database that seems to be untoggle-able.

The database may not be fully deleted yet. It clears the screen but the purging happens in the background. I’d say wait a little bit and try again.

Waiting ended up fixing the issue. Thank you!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: