Flag and label indication in item view

It would like to be able to see in the window of an opened item any possibly active flag and label markings.

Use case: I often clip many items from the web, and then I open them all at once for triage: useful, not useful, keep for later. I flag and label accordingly, using keyboard shortcuts. While I’m doing that, the database’s listing window is obscured (I work on just one, small screen). So I will just have to trust that my choices are indeed applied to those items. Having flag and label reflected in the item view itself would make the UI more responsive in this case. There seems to be ample space in the URL bar on top (or whatever it’s called). The left side of the tags bar at the bottom would be another logical spot.

Just showing the State column for the flagged state.
Label colors already show in the Name column.

The appearance of the labels is controlled in Preferences > General > Labels.
You can also add a Label column.

Thanks for your quick reply. But maybe I wasn’t clear enough.
In the list view, all this is of course visible.

But when (taking an example from your screen shot) I open the item wikilinks.rtf (which has a flag and a label), in the window of that item, flag nor label status are apparent.

In my case, where I can’t usually have the list view and the opened item visible at the same time, this means I am working blindly if I mark the item I have open as flagged or labeled, or remove flag or label. I have to dig up the list window to check that it went as intended. Hence my humble feature request.

Document windows also support the Inspector panes and Inspector popover.

Perhaps @cgrunenberg could allow use of the Flag and Label toolbar buttons in document windows?

Yes, and I would prefer the latter, of course, as that would make the item window responsive, period, without me having to do anything else to check on the new status.

An upcoming release will probably support this.

And this upcoming release will be 3.0.2 :slight_smile:

Very happy to hear it!