Flag item as not duplicate

Dear all,

I am struggling with DEVONthink proclaiming certain files as duplicates, however I know for certain they are not. They are very similar, nearly identical, but not a duplicate (we are talking images of histograms here). Is there a way to flag a file as not being a duplicate? I tried my best but could not find such functionality.

Thanks for help,


DEVONthink examines similarity of content (only), and highly similar items are considered duplicates. It doesn’t behave like the Finder in that respect, and the behavior cannot be turned off.

For example, if you select a searchable PDF and use Data > Convert > to plain text, the PDF and the text file will be marked as duplicate, as their content is highly similar. I think that’s useful behavior.

Or if you have a collection of forms that differ in content only slightly, they may be marked as duplicates.

Understand and accept that behavior and it will become less frustrating. :slight_smile:

I was afraid of that … somehow I find the existence of 22k duplicated items that are not duplicates to be more confusing than productive. Well, I am just gonna turn off the color differentiation and try to ignore it. But thank you for the explanation.

Makes me wonder how many total items are in that db for so many to be detected as duplicates.