Flaky server - intermittent connections

Has anyone had issues with connecting reliably to the DT server locally?

It will work one minute, and then not again the next.

We have tried multiple browsers, different computers - no rhyme or reason.

Some connect, some don’t. Those that do connect, might not connect again in 30 minutes.

We have a rock solid LAN, all ethernet-wired computers, no other network issues.

It’s only a datapoint of one, but it has been rock solid for me for several months.

Do you use any firewalls, proxies or LittleSnitch? Which browsers & macOS versions (or other platforms) do you use?

Your firewall comment made me think that the Mac OS firewall might be to blame. Even though we had configured it to allow connections to Devonthink.

Once turned off, everything seemed to work.

Any idea why?


Some of the Macs are using Catalina, some High Sierra.

And you had issues on machines with both OSes?

And your network router doesn’t use a firewall on its own?