Flatbed Scanner Recommendations?

Hi all-

I wonder if some of you could recommend a flatbed scanner to be used principally for documents, ie. I don’t need one for slide or high-end photo scanning.

The key issue is speed, as I’d like to place bound documents on the platen and move through the pages fairly quickly. Of course, enough resolution for OCR.

I’ve done a few of these with my Canon LiDE 30, and it’s a bit slow…

TIA, Charles

As far as I know the Canon Lide 30 is a scanner with USB connection.

As the key issue is speed, you may look out for a scanner with Firewire connection, which are told to be usually faster than the USB types.

I’m waiting for the http://www.ionaudio.com/booksaver to come out. It should allow scanning of bound material nondestructively a lot faster than flatbed scanners do.

Bringing back an old thread…

Can someone recommend a good flatbed scanner or all-in-one printer/scanner/copier? By ‘good’ I mean a fast scanner with one-touch scanning, a document feeder, and ideally even duplex scanning.

I know that many DT users like the Fujitsu Scansnap 1500M. But I need to be able to scan an occasional book chapter, so I’m looking for a scanner that fulfills the role of a document scanner in a flatbed shape.

Any suggestions?