flexible keyboard shortcuts

I recently bought another app to assist me in putting my wiki-linked text-notes together. It works great, due to the customizable keyboard shortcut-menu.

Could this feature be useful for DTPro as well? At the moment, not every function has a shortcut, and the existing shortcuts are quite hard to remember. The reason is, of course, the sheer luxury of functions in DTPro, which might make it difficult for the developers to find unused, easy-to-remember shortcuts.

An option to change the shortcut settings could prevent this: The “easy” shortcuts can be assigned to the functions one needs the most, instead being scattered over the menues…

I know, not everyone uses shortcuts - but as the current discussion over the ui shows, DT seems to be targeted to “power users” anyhow. Or is it?
Now I am curious: Who else uses shortcuts (or would like to)?


One already existing option is of course to define application-specific shortcuts via the System Preferences.

I have tried the system prefs option, but it does not work in most cases. Even if I enter the english names of the commands instead of the german ones, it does not work. As for my german version of DTPro: If you try to assign for example “Als Name übernehmen” (set name as) to control-n, nothing happens, as with other menu items. Or is it just me?

I made similar experiences with other applications (Mellel, bookends) and the system preferences. A list of user-defined shortcuts (like in iClip) is the most useful option I found so far.