Flexible number of URLs per document

This is a suggestion that might take some time to implement:

I learned to love the URL-field in the info panel, where I can connect to other documents in my database, if I do not use it for web URLs.

But there is always only one place we can relate to from one document. So I would like to have a section in the info panel where I can add and name as many URLs as I like: “Original download”, “Annotation”, “Summary”, “Translation”, whatsoever.

For the time being I am planning to set up a template “document link collection”, which should become the only document to be linked to, where I can add all these links in RTF. Should I be successful, I will post it. … :confused:


Thanks for the suggestion! We will probably add the possibility to define custom metadata but don’t expect this in the near future. However, this would be suitable for multiple URLs too.