Floating note pad would be nice

Hi there,

something that would/could be nice and useful: a kind of floating notepad (in Scrivener there is one), that I could open and turn it everywhere I go on my desktops, and which is everytime on the top.

For example, this would be usefull at the moment, when I´m reading a scientific paper (a pdf not yet in DTPO) and I would like to jot down some questions for an interview during my reading.

There are already two solutions:

  1. The Dashboard widget
  2. The Take Note panel introduced by 2.0pb6

I look forward to the possibility that the quick note thingy will work like the Sorter, i.e. independently of whether Devonthink is open or not. I suspect this is part of the plan for 2.0. Is it?


It is (in case of DEVONthink Pro).

What Declan explain is actually the thing I thought of. The quicknote possibillities I know and love them. But they should be independent …

Fine that you work already on it…

And there’s another possibility, that I use a great deal: The floating window feature of DEVONnote. It’s compact and very similar to the DEVONthink applications in look and feel. I often use it to take notes, whether I’m reading a document in DT Pro Office or in another application.

The floating window lets me resize the DEVONnote window alongside another document.

Its rich text notes allow clipping images and text and entering one’s own notes. Select All, then in DTPO2 press Command-N to enter as a new rich text note – or paste the content into an existing note at the cursor insertion point.

Available whether or not DTPO2 is running. I keep the floating window minimized in the Dock until I need it.

Hey, it’s pretty cheap, and well worth it. :slight_smile:

Would be nice if this functionality would be part of DTPO, the S-Class product of the Devonthink productline :wink:

If there is such a feature in DEVONnote it would be rather nice to see it ported to DEVONthink…

The current Take Note panel has two annoying features:

  1. When invoked, all the other DEVONthink windows are also brought forward;

  2. It cannot be resized to a lesser width than the default.

Other than that, it’s pretty nice.

Might help to have a small mobile floating palette strip of “Customize toolbar” icons, similar to what Adobe does, with the four or five toolbar customizations most often used available there.

Not at all a necessity, but might help save time, and could be a nice DTPO addition several months down the line.

Professor Bill: I’ll download DevonNote and take a look around. Thanks.