floating windows for DT!

There’s now a way to make DT windows float, for those (such as myself) who have expressed the desire for such a thing.

For those who haven’t seen it, there is a preference pane available called Afloat (available at “http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/22237”) that allows you to make windows float in any cocoa application. I’ve been using it and it works flawlessly. You can even set transparency levels for the window.

It won’t work with Word or other carbon programs, but that’s no problem for DT, fortunately. Just another thing to make my life a bit happier. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip, Alexandria.

Although I always try beta stuff with a bit of caution, so far no problems.

I’ve been using a floating window in DEVONnote, minimized to the Dock, as a general note taker window that’s available in all applications, including DT Pro.

Afloat lets me set up a similar single floating window in DT Pro (other DT Pro windows are not affected) that works just as well – so far.

My new DT Pro floating window is minimized to the Dock, available to be called up whenever I want it. The only slight downside is that DT Pro becomes the frontmost window when I minimize the floating window. But Expose’s Command-Tab takes me back to the app that was originally frontmost.

Just wanted to add that Afloat is free, at least at present! At home I keep my floating DT window on my secondary monitor, always open, but I do minimize it when I’m mobile and only have my laptop monitor available.

Either way, I’m delighted! Glad you are also having no problems with Afloat, Bill. I only recently discovered it.

I didn’t think the command-tab app switcher was connected with Exposé.

Too bad Afloat doesn’t work with EyeTV viewer windows even though the app is linked with the Cocoa framework. Heck, I’m surprised Elgato hasn’t added “always on top” directly into EyeTV by now.