"FlunkeyFox" for DT-Word-Endnote integration

In the course of writing a new book using a DT database of 1600 research articles to help me I have written “FlunkeyFox” , an app that:

  • creates MS Word compatible links to documents in DT Pro;

  • reveals the corresponding document in DT Pro when the MS Word link is clicked

  • opens Google Scholar in Safari with the title of a highlighted document in DT Pro so that the correct citation can be found

  • imports the citation into Endnote 7 and then into Word as a footnote

The app is written in applescript, GUI scripting and using Livecode is compiled as a stand alone application. I am making the compiled app and source code available on a free or charge but “user takes all risk and bears all costs if it fails to do what user wants” basis at metastudies.net/pmwiki/pmwiki.ph … nsSoftware

If you improve it let me know. If you find it does not do what you want please fix it! Whilst I am happy to share I don’t have any time for further development. I have a book to write!

I just wanted to give it a try but unfortunately the link does not work. Have you maybe updated it in the meantime?

Hi Eric, I don’t understand why the link did not work for you. I have just clicked on it in Safari and it opens the download page at metastudies.net/pmwiki/uploads/A … Foxapp.zip and it downloads perfectly. The zip file unzips to give the Application, Help Sheet, and Licence. Let me know if you have more troubles. I will be delighted if you try it. All the best, Jim

This time it worked for me. It seems that OS X Yosemite has some serious Wi-Fi problems also here, just as reported on the net. Checking out your app now, and sorry for the hassles!