Folder action import does not work...


I have an issue where the folder action “Import items” does not do what it is supposed to do… (I drop a file into the folder and anything happens). The folder action is well attached to the folder, and I have my DTP database open.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.

You could detach the action, disable folder actions, reenable them and attach the action again. Maybe this will solve the problem.

It seems to me that the folder action import does not work with version 2 beta 2.

Could please someone explain step by step how to use a workflow or a folder action script to move items on a folder on the desktop directly to the opened database? Thanks.

I used the automatic update to get the most recent version of DTP2 and folder actions no longer seem to automatically import to my db. (Sorry if this is a known issue – I’m going to go try and find the list of known issues now.)

Check at your boot drive Library/Scripts/ to make certain that the Action Import and Action Index scripts are present. Check their modification date, e.g., the most recent version of the Action Import script has modification date of 3/3/09.

If the scripts are not there, or if they are older versions, download DT Pro or DT Pro Office 2.0 pb4. The Action Import scripts are in Extras > Scripts.

Control-click on a folder to which a Folder Action script was attached, choose the option ‘More’ and then ‘Configure Folder Actions’.

Select the folder and disable the existing Folder Action, if any. Now add back that folder and the desired Folder Action script.

It was the older version! Installing new one now. Thanks!