Folder Action with Abbyy Finescanner isn't working

Hi, I’m new to Folder Actions so I might be missing something. Abbyy Finescanner on my ios devices sync to a folder within Dropbox. I’ve applied the Devonthink Import, OCR & Delete action to this Dropbox folder, but nothing is happening.
I set up another practice folder within Dropbox and the folder action works perfectly on it.
Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Changes received by the from other devices and applied to the folder do not trigger folder actions. You could index the folder instead and use a smart rule to perform the same actions.

Just to be clear–when I set up the smart rule, I would have three actions:

  • Move to Inbox (where I want the scans to go)
  • OCR, apply
  • Delete (to delete the original scans from the Dropbox folder)


Never mind, it works!

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You might want to add a “Move into database” action too, this will convert the indexed item into an imported one.

As a follow-up: I did the same process on another folder linked to an app and it didn’t work. But then I applied the Folder Action on it and that did the trick. So, step one, apply folder action; step two, apply smart rule. Again, this is for Dropbox folders that have been created by and are linked to a specific app.