Folder Actions (auto-tag, etc) feature request

Smart folders are great for automatically collecting files in devonthink that already match a certain criteria.

One thing I miss from my Journler days is folder actions on folders and smart folders:

You could program folders and smart folders to automatically make new items created in them or added to them have certain tags, colors, and other attributes (i.e. when you push the “new item” button and you have a folder highlighted, not only would the file be created in that folder but would also have the attributes you specified like tag(s), color, and more. If you didn’t specify any attributes and were creating in a smart folder then the program would automatically make the file match the requirements for the smart folder).

Also, if you dragged a file from anywhere in the database to the folder or smart folder, it would gain those attributes.

This makes categorizing in the database much easier. It sounds complex but I REALLY miss this from journler. It’s one of those seemingly odd features that ends up being very useful. Can you implement it? That feature would help me embrace DEVONthink even more.

Journler is now open source, but not yet usable with Lion as it’s still being updated to be compatible.

Custom AppleScripts can be attached to groups (folders) that can provide the features you list, or even things far more complex than those.

Can you point me to those scripts? While I would love to create them, I’ve never actually made an applescript before. I’d like to. Sounds fun. Realistically may not really happen if it’s left to me though.