Folder collapse sometimes crashes

When I try to collapse a folder while some of its subfolders are already expanded, DT sometimes crashes.

Does anybody else experience the same thing?

No, but when I try to collapse a folder after working on one of the documents within it, I have to click the browser triangle twice. If I click the triangle once, it flicks briefly into the horizontal position then expands again. This doesn’t happen if I just view a document/note within a group – only when I’ve made changes to a document.

At least the second bug should be fixed in DT Pro 1.0.1 (and will be fixed in upcoming releases of DT Personal and DN).

No crashes for me when collapsing a folder whose subfolders are expanded. But I do find the second bug annoying, so many thanks on a fix in 1.0.1.


I haven’t seen it again after upgrading to 1.0.1. May be it is fixed.

Me neither. I just went and tried it several times. Very cool! :slight_smile: