Folder color? Blue / Beige?

A simple question I didnt find a quick answer to in the release notes…
Now that I am on DTP v2.x I noticed some of my folders are blue and others are beige… but I cant figure out why…

Can someone enlighten me?


Yellow groups are groups that are also considered tags (make them larger, see the “Tags” icon on them). Blue are just regular groups excluded from smart tagging.

I’m still coming to grips with the tagging… but I can say that it is not desirable behavior to have every (or almost every, without a clear mechanism) group in the db automatically become a tagged (I was never using tags before, and now many of my groups are ‘tags’)… some groups do not make sense as tags (at least as far as I can understand what tags are supposed to accomplish).

…On the topic of tags… what about this scenario:
A group hierarchy.
Cat 1 > Cat 2 > Cat 3 > some_nonsense

Let us say that I have a file in the group ‘some_nonsense.’ I allowing tagging on the groups ‘Cat 1 - Cat 3’, but I exclude ‘some_nonsense’ from tagging. Does my file, located in ‘some_nonsense’ get tagged Cat 1, 2 & 3… or does the file fail to be tagged as a result of being in a folder that has been excluded from tagging?

I hope this examples made sense.

Best wishes,

Groups can be excluded from tagging at the database level through a preference in ‘File>Database Properties>database name’. This is an all or nothing switch, so if you want to enable tagging for some groups, this is not a viable option. You can do some pretty quick disabling of group tags by creating a smart group of ‘Kind is Group’, which will list all groups without the hierarchy. You can then shift-click or command-click to select multiple groups, bring up the info pane (Command-Shift-I) and disable tags for all selected groups at once.

The documents in ‘some_nonsense’ will still be tagged with all the other group tags.