Folder customazation that relates to the topic for quick Idenfication other than words

Good Morning Sirs and Madams

Does anyone at all know how to Customize the Folders for Quick Identification while scrolling through them? I might understand a Picture related to the topic faster than the word itself. The Folder might be represent the group folder heading when creating or modifying a current setting if possible. I look forward to staff or someone who might know.

Are you wanting to modify the group’s thumbnail?

Thank you for Asking… The actual look of the Folder like a thumbnail to quickly Identify it on a scroll.

You’re welcome!

You can already modify an item’s thumbnail in the Generic Info inspector.

Here is an example with the thumbnail selected in the inspector…


You can copy an icon and paste it here or merely drag and drop to the thumbnail.

Thank you for your Help and Consideration. I would like to know if that Change in the Thumbnail can be made larger?

You’re welcome.

Currently, no you cannot modify the size of the thumbnail in the inspector.
Why would you need to do this?

[Offtopic] Maybe:

So I can see you better, my child!

(Little Red Riding Hood)


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Thank you for Your Time. At present the Image is very small and for quick looks Im not aware of how to see it in it present form.

Hahaha! Indeed

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Try View > as Icons if you want to see larger thumbnails of files.

Umm Icon What what Kind of customization do you have with this? This is what I use as current. I see a folder with a name on it. Thank you again. I want to change the subject a little has there been a lot of trouble with people on the Forms in terms of treatment of each other?