Folder Exclusion

I have a folder that I put older, irrelevant versions of documents and manuals in that I’d like to keep for posterity sake, but that I’d prefer not show up in search results. Is there an easy way to exclude this folder from searches when I’m searching the database that it’s stored in?

Help > Documentation > Inspectors > Info pane

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@BLUEFROG, that is correct sir! This was a test, and you passed! You should feel so proud of yourself! Congratulations! You know every thing about DEVONthink! :rofl:

Cheers and thanks, my friend!

/wipes brow
I wasn’t ready for the pop quiz, but I’m glad I passed! :wink:

You’re welcome.

If you stay ready (like you are) for a pop quiz, then you don’t have to get ready! :wink:

(Now go find your camera, and take some pictures, as I’m sure it’s been a long time for you!)

Far too long and interestingly, I’ve been shopping for a large format camera :heart::thinking::blush:


Canham 4x10, maybe :heart:

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Wow, a large format film camera! Not only are you diving back in to photography, you’re going to ocean depths! That’s awesome!

You may like Ben Horne’s YouTube channel. He’s an amazing large format landscape photographer:

I have one digital and five film bodies still. :slight_smile:

I :heart::heart::heart: Film still and it’s nice to see some resurgence for it lately.

Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out.

PS: Viewing an 8x10 Fuji Velvia chrome is an almost religious experience. :heart:

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A discovery that I made not to long ago, in the storage locker in my basement where I keep my medium format film cameras. This film is well over 10, maybe even 20 years old, but it will be so fun to shoot!

Be still, my heart :heart: Sincerely!

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If you weren’t a whole world away, I’d suggest that we get together and go out and shoot this film, and see what we get! :slight_smile:

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